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Premium Quality Smoked Salmon

MI’KMAQ natives were already established in Newfoundland when the Europeans discovered what is now called Canada. Living from sea and land resources, they used the curing and smoking methods to preserve their catch for the severe winter season. Later these methods were transmited to the Occident and mainly across northern Europe to place the smoked products as a delicacy and a culinary marvel.

Inspired by this ancient artisanal know-how, we at Al FUMO have adopted this totally natural smoking process to please the most refined palates.

Like the MI’KMAQ tradition, our products are elaborated with the same time, temperature and procedure.

The fresh salmon is filleted and salted by hand in preparation for the smoking process before curing it with our homemade blend of spices to enhance their aroma. To complete perfection the salmon is brushed with pure CANADIAN maple syrup to give them a slightly sweet touch thus preventing the salt from penetrating the flesh too deeply while remaining deliciously tender.

Handled in such a careful manner, our smoked salmon meets the approval of even leading five-star chefs with its unique taste and outstanding quality.To complete the process, we smoke them over aromatic wood for 12 hours to achieve a unique flavor.